From Student to Teacher

Hi! My name is Brittany May, and I am an Elementary Education major at the College of William and Mary. This blog is all about my journey through education... the questions I have and the answers I find, as well as lessons learned along the way, in this never-ending learning process of being a student and becoming a teacher. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm back!

Wow, this semester is flying by! I'm learning so much, both in my classes and in the real world (especially the hard lesson of time management!). :) Nonetheless, I am excited about what I'm learning, which has made me even more excited about my future in the field of education. The past few months I've been delving into the theories of educational psychology and classroom management, as well as seeing these theories applied in my practicum with my cooperating teacher. That is probably what I'm most thrilled about. I'm observing in a first grade classroom, and I absolutely love it! My cooperating teacher is everything I hope to be, and the kids in her class are fantastic. It's been fun being in the classroom and seeing what I've heard in class lectures put into practice. It's caused me to look forward to the future, and teaching itself, with great anticipation, and I'm excited about sharing my experience.


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