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Hi! My name is Brittany May, and I am an Elementary Education major at the College of William and Mary. This blog is all about my journey through education... the questions I have and the answers I find, as well as lessons learned along the way, in this never-ending learning process of being a student and becoming a teacher. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Shopping Like A Teacher

I was doing errands this week and decided to pop in and browse through a "Teacher Store" in one of the local shopping centers. I was like a little kid in a toy store at Christmas time! I saw so many wonderful teaching tools, books of all sizes, educational games, posters, cool classroom decorations, and yes, toys- for students and teacher! I went from one display to the next, not able to stop for more than a few seconds because my eyes would spot something even better that I had to go check out! I really wanted to ignore my conscience and dive in and begin the process of accumulating all the fun "teacher stuff" for my future classroom, but then that little voice that always irritates me when I'm shopping kicked in and told me to wait until I actually have a classroom before investing in stuff to fill it with. But I've wondered... where do teachers get all their stuff? And more importantly, how do they afford it? Most of the teachers I've talked to have all said most of it comes out of your own pocket, although some is tax-deductible. I found this somewhat discouraging. It only made that irritating voice in my head warning me not to spend money stronger, so I left the super-cool "Teacher Store" without my "teacher stuff".

I was browsing again this weekend, this time through blogs, and I came across a wonderful "store" that will certainly help when I do have my own classroom. Cynthia Rutledge has compiled a list of resources for free educational materials and shared it in her blog. This list is especially for teachers, and there's some wonderful items that would be an asset to any classroom, especially for subjects like geography and the sciences, with everything from posters to videos and even textbooks! I found myself having the same reaction as I had in the teacher store- eagerly going from one website to the next in the excitement of finding cool "teacher stuff". But what makes this shopping experience even better than the first, is that it's all free! I may not have my classroom yet, but thanks to this list, you can bet that when I do, I'll be able to shop like a pro... like a teacher!


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach said...

When I was starting as a teacher I found most of my "deals" at garage sales. I also waited for clearance sales at the Teacher stores. Also, sometimes there will be professional development supply funds at your school, PTA wish lists for teachers and other such things.

Always keep a list ready to go because often your principal will say... I have X amount of dollars that has to be spent on X and we have 2 days to do it. With your teaching schedule if you do not have a running list ready, you simply wont have time to research what you need; be ready in season and out!

Keep up the good reflections Brittany.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger brittany may said...

These are great ideas! Thanks for the suggestions!


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